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y Damkjaer, Camilla


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Homemade academic circus : idiosyncratically embodied explorations into artistic research and circus performance

Damkjaer, Camilla
Winchester, UK ; Washington, USA : Iff Brooks, 2016

This book takes its starting point in a rare experiment, that of an academic researcher attempting to learn to do circus. What happens to the knowledge of the performance theoretician when physically engaging with the circus arts? One of the (im)material outcomes of this experiment is what the author calls "homemade academic circus” - a series of lecture-performances on performance-related academic questions, presented and discussed through ...

Cote : 791.301 D161h 2016

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Contemporary circus : introduction to the art form

Purovaara, Tomi ; Damkjaer, Camilla ; Degerbol, Stine ; Muukkonen, Kiki ; Verwilt, Katrien ; Waage, Sverre
Stockholm : Stuts, 2012

An Introduction to Contemporary Circus follows the dwindling paths of the development of contemporary circus. Its first part describes the acts, moments and events which have fashioned the genre into what it is today. In the latter part of the book, the reader will find articles on the history and current situation of circus in each of the Nordic countries. [editor summary]

Cote : 791.301 P9859c 2012

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Zene & Cirkus = Women & Circus

Kralj, Ivan ; Sizorn, Magali ; Quentin, Anne ; Tait, Peta ; Davis, Janet M ; Carmeli, Yoram S. ; Drasler, Jana ; Kendall, Jessica ; Fratellini, Valérie ; Damkjaer, Camilla ; English, Rose ; Herts, Laura ; Govedic, Natasa
Zagreb : Mala performerska scena, 2011

Un incontournable ouvrage de référence qui apporte une riche reflexion sur le développement du rôle et des influences de la Femme dans les arts du cirque à travers le temps et envers la communauté au sens large. Publié suite à une conférence multidisciplinaire « Zene & Cirkus » qui s’est tenue à Zagreb (Croatie) en novembre 2009, cet ouvrage regroupe les textes des conférences des historiens, spécialistes de théâtre, anthropologues, artistes et ...

Cote : 791.308 2 K894z 2011

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The aesthetics of movement : variations on Gilles Deleuze and Merce Cunningham

Damkjaer, Camilla
Department of Musicology and Performance Studies, University of Stockholm, 2009

This is an interdisciplinary study of the aesthetics of movement in Gilles Deleuze''s writings and in Merce Cunningham''s choreographies. But it is also a study of the movement that arises when the two meet in a series of variations. It is a textual happening where the random juxtaposition between seemingly unrelated areas, philosophy and dance, gives rise to arbitrary connections. It is a textual machine, composed of seven parts. First, the ...

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The Circus Body Articulating

Damkjaer, Camilla

Lecture in the context of the International Conference "Semiotics of the Circus" in cooperation with Cirque Bouffon University of Münster (17. April 2015)

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Documentation of CARD - Circus Artistic Research Development

Skjönberg, Andreas ; Damkjaer, Camilla
Stockholm : Committee for Artistic Research and Development at the University College of Dance, 2012

CARD took place at DOCH 22nd – 25th of April 2010 and gathered 60 participants from 12 different countries. CARD consisted of lectures, performances, presentations of methods and emerging artists, and workshops where the participants continued to explore their own and each others’ questions

During five exciting days artists and researchers worked with explorative questions in circus, in order to highlight circus as an art form with the same ...

Cote : 791.301 S6286d 2012

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Études sur le genre [2]

Nouveau cirque [2]

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Acrobatie - Philosophie et théorie [1]

Angelina [1]

Archaos [compagnie de cirque] [1]

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Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth [spectacle de cirque] [1]

Cie Moglice - Von Verx [compagnie de cirque] [1]

Circus Oz [compagnie de cirque] [1]

Cirque Baroque [compagnie de cirque] [1]

Cirque du Soleil [compagnie de cirque] [1]

Cirque et cinéma [1]

Cirque Plume [compagnie de cirque] [1]

Cirque traditionnel [1]

Compagnie Angela Laurier [compagnie de cirque] [1]

Compagnie Jérôme Thomas [compagnie de jonglerie] [1]

Compagnies de cirque - Australie [1]

Compagnies de cirque - États-Unis [1]

Compagnies de cirque - France [1]

Corde lisse [1]

Corde lisse - Philosophie et théorie [1]

Damkjaer, Camilla [1]

Deleuze, Gilles [philosophe] [1]

DOCH - Dans och Cirkushögskolan [organisme] [1]

Dramaturgie circassienne [1]

Femmes - Conditions sociales [1]

Femmes - Histoire [1]

Femmes - Identité [1]

Femmes artistes de cirque [1]

Femmes dans la culture populaire [1]

Femmes dans le christianisme [1]

Fratellini, Annie [clown] [1]

Fratellini, Valérie [clown] [1]

Guattari, Félix [philosophe] [1]

Herts, Laura [artiste de cirque] [1]

Histoire des arts du cirque [1]

Histoire des arts du cirque - 20e siècle [1]

Identité culturelle [1]

Identité sexuelle [1]

Influence des arts du cirque [1]

Langage du corps [1]

Larue, Adrienne [artiste de cirque] [1]

Ménard, Phia [artiste de cirque] [1]

Mordoj, Jeanne [artiste de cirque] [1]

Multidisciplinarité dans les arts du cirque [1]

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Relation de l'artiste de cirque avec les agrès [1]

Relations entre hommes et femmes [1]

Représentation de la femme dans les arts du cirque [1]

Rhizome (Philosophie) [1]

Santus Circus [compagnie de cirque] [1]

Sémiotique et arts du cirque [1]

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Théâtre équestre Zingaro [compagnie équestre] [1]

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