Circus as multimodal discourse : performance, meaning and ritual


Auteurs : Bouissac, Paul (Auteur)

Lieu de publication : London ; New York

Éditeur : Bloomsbury Academic

Date de publication : 2012

ISBN : 9781441125637

Langue : Français

Description : 216 p. : ill. ; 24 cm

Notes : Bibliogr. :p.209-213. Index.

Sujets :
Arts du cirque - Philosophie et théorie
Arts du cirque - Ethnologie
Ritualisation au cirque
Sémiotique et arts du cirque
Histoire des arts du cirque
Cirque traditionnel
Art équestre - Philosophie et théorie
Représentation de la piste
Mise en piste
Arts du cirque - Processus de création
Relation de l'artiste avec le public
Dressage - Philosophie et théorie
Animaux sauvages
Magie - Philosophie et théorie
Représentation du corps circassien
Art clownesque - Philosophie et théorie
Arts du cirque - Aspect social
Arts du cirque - Aspect sociologique
Nouveau cirque
Esthétique des arts du cirque
Arts du cirque - Mouvements artistiques
Circus Knie
Blackpool Tower Circus [compagnie de cirque]
Archaos [compagnie de cirque]
Cirque du Soleil [compagnie de cirque]
Circus Roncalli [compagnie de cirque]
Cirque Busch
Circus Oz [compagnie de cirque]
Cirque Gatini
Cairoli [clown]
Sperlich, René
Funambulisme - Philosophie et théorie
Trapèze - Philosophie et théorie
Équilibrisme - Philosophie et théorie
Cirque national Alexis Grüss [compagnie de cirque]

Dépouillement du document :
GatiniIntroduction : Playing with fire

1. Circus performances as rituals : participative ethnography
Circus online
Circus in the field
The spectator as ethnographer
Circus as ritual

2. The textility of circus acts: disentangling cognition and pleasure
Writing circus : from performance to text
Events and their verbal accounts
Description and explanation
Disentangling meanings, emotions and pleasure : textility and cognitive malleability

3. Magic in the ring
Veils of illusion
Belief and disbelief
The mechanisms of miracles and the logic of illusions
A double-edged skill

4. Horses which speak, count, and laugh
The cultured horse
An equine performance on record
A multimodal dialogic discourse
Themes and variations : a cowboy and his horse
Pragmatics of the educated horse act : a biosemiotic perspective

5. Steeds and symbols: multimodal metaphors
Circus horses : from the steppe to the ring
A semiotic perspective : making sens of things
The social contract and the birth of the arts
Once upon a time : a play of nature and culture
The ascent of the horse
Textualizing the horse
Equestrians as cultural heroes

6. The staging of actions: heroes, anti-heroes, and animal actors
A theory of action
The modalities of action : from doing to making another do
Ironical discourse : a dog act in the semiotic square

7. Circus animals as symbols, actors, and persons
In the company of animals
The representation of animals in cultures
Animal agencies : legal and moral issues
A cultural paradigm shift : animals as nonhuman persons

8. Dancing with tigers, lying with lions: translating biology into art
Tigers in the wild
The fifth dimension of space
From biology to art
The poetics and rhetoric of the cage act
The lion's anger
A master at work
A work of art

9. Clowns at work: a socio-critical discourse
Clowns unmasked
Clowns at work
Syntax and semantics of chaos : Hebert MArcuse at the circus
Power of mask
What is a gag and how it works : a conversation

10. The imaginary circus
Romancing the circus
The circus as a phantasm
The ascent of the clown
Circus mystics : the juggler and the funambulist

11. Ideology and politics in the circus ring
Poetics and politics of the body
Erotic circus : the tame and the wild
Ideology, politics and propaganda
The body politic in performance

12. The post-animal circus
A cultural revolution : the animal liberation movement
The new circus : human , humane and humanitarian
Circus and subversion : from anticircus to counterculture and activism
The return of the animal?

Conclusion : Pleasure of the circus, attraction, emotion and addiction.

Résumé :
Bouissac is one of the world's leading authorities on circus ethnography and semiotics present in this volume a theory of the circus as a secular ritual and introduces a method to analyze its performances as multimodal discourse. He cover the range of circus specialties (magic, animal training, acrobatics, clowning) and provide examples to show how cultural meaning is produced, extended and amplified by circus performances and a reflection on the potentially subversive power of this discourse and its contemporary use. [editor summary]

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 791.301 B762c 2012

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