Mapping landscapes for performance as research : scholarly acts and creative cartographies


Auteurs : Riley, Shannon Rose (Direction) ; Hunter, Lynette (Direction)

Lieu de publication : Basingstoke

Éditeur : Palgrave Macmillan

Date de publication : 2009

ISBN : 9780230222199

Langue : Anglais

Description : 274 p. : ill. ; 23 cm

Notes : Réf. bibliogr. Index.

Titre orginal : Mapping landscapes for performance as research : scholarly acts and creative cartographies

Sujets :
Arts - Recherche - Methodologie
Arts du spectacle - Recherche - Méthodologie
Arts du spectacle - Philosophie et théorie
Arts - Philosophie et théorie
Cartographie conceptuelle
Processus de création - Recherche

Dépouillement du document :
1. Lay of the landscape--geographies, legacies, disciplines :
Performance practice as research : perspectives from a small island / Baz Kershaw
Working on the middleground : a case study of institutional inter-action about practice as research / Simon Jones
Troubling performance : local, national, and international / Richard Gough
Using performance as a practice as a research tool in Africa / Jane Plastow
Rating the theatre practitioner : a South African case study / Temple Hauptfleisch
Performance as research in Australia : legitimizing epistemologies / Brad Haseman
Locating the artist-researcher : shifting sites of performance as research (PAR) in Canada / Laura Levin
Social performance studies (in China) : between the real and the virtual / William Huizhu Sun and Faye Chunfang Fei
Artistic research, from apartness to the umbrella concept at the Theatre Academy, Finland / Annette Arlander
An actor prepares : performance as research (PAR) in the theatre / Ian Watson
Making a dance/researching through movement / Susan Leigh Foster
Performance as research (PAR) in North American ethnomusicology / Sandra Jean Graham
The three configurations of studio-art PhDs / James Elkins
Approaching knowledge, research, performance, and the arts / Arthur J. Sabatini

2. Cartographies--terms for finding/charting the way(s) :
Action research / Kim Yasuda
Disjunction : performing media space / Nick Kaye
Embodiment / Peter Lichtenfels
Environment / Baz Kershaw
Lab/studio / Shannon Rose Riley
Medium / Susan Kelly
Oral history / Della Pollock
Site-particular/ Ilya Noe?
Situated knowledge/ Lynette Hunter

3. Mapping PAR in the United States--communities, classrooms, stages, and holodecks :
When is art research/ Shannon Jackson
The oral history project : practice-based research in theatre and performance / Lara D. Nielsen
University gamelan ensembles as research / Henry Spiller
Performative and pedagogical interventions : embodying whiteness as cultural critique / John T. Warren
Open up the box : pedagogy, action research and art / Kim Yasuda
Search for Spalding Gray : PAR pedagogy, and undergraduate ensemble, and "The Edinburgh Project" / Rosemary Malague
Valuing performance/practice as academic knowledge / Lynette Hunter
Performed research : audience as investigator / Marilyn Arsem
Miss Translation USA goes to Cuba : performance as research toward a performative ethnography / Shannon Rose Riley
Acting (on) our own discomforts : BLW's (media) performance as research / Julie Wyman
Theory/practice as research : explorations, questions and suggestions / Lynette Hunter
Dramaturgy : conceptual understanding and the fickleness of process / Jon D. Rossini
Collisions in time : twenty-first century actors explore Delsarte on the holodeck / Sharon Marie Carnicke
Living on the edge : alternate controllers and the obstinate interface / Joseph Butch Rovan

Résumé :
Although the sciences have long understood the value of practice-based research, the arts and humanities have tended to structure a gap between practice and analysis. This book examines differences and similarities between Performance as Research practices in various community and national contexts, mapping out the landscape of this new field. [editor summary]

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