A history of the circus


Auteurs : Speaight, George (Auteur)

Lieu de publication : New York

Éditeur : Barnes and Company

Date de publication : 1980

ISBN : 0-498-02470-9

Langue : Anglais

Description : 216 p. : ill. coul. ; 29 cm

Notes : Réf. bibliogr. : p. 199-211. Index.
Annexe : Circus buildings in London, New York, Paris,

Sujets :
Histoire des arts du cirque
Origines et fondements des arts du cirque
Fous et bouffons
Histoire des arts du cirque - 18e siècle
Histoire de l'acrobatie équestre
Fêtes foraines - Histoire
Astley, Philip [écuyer, propriétaire de cirque]
Hugues, Charles
Royal Circus [Angleterre]
Astley's Amphitheatre [bâtiment de cirque]
Histoire des arts du cirque - 19e siècle
Histoire des arts du cirque - Europe
Acrobatie - Histoire
Jonglerie - Histoire
Histoire de l'acrobatie aérienne
Fil de fer - Histoire
Numéro à sensation
Histoire du dressage
Art clownesque - Histoire
Maître de piste - Histoire
Histoire des arts du cirque - États-Unis
Ricketts, John Bill (1769-1800)
Histoire de l'architecture de cirque
Cirque stable
Transport de spectacle ambulant
Cirque à trois pistes
Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth [spectacle de cirque]
Ringling Brothers Circus [compagnie de cirque]
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Histoire des arts du cirque - 20e siècle
Compagnies de cirque - Europe
Compagnies de cirque - États-Unis
Compagnies de cirque - Australie
Compagnies de cirque - Afrique
Compagnies de cirque - Orient
Batty, William
Bostock, E.H.
Cooper, James
Ducrow, Andrew
Risley, Richard
Sands, Richards

Dépouillement du document :
1-The origins of circus
Histriones and minstrels
Fests of activity
At the fairs
The Riding masters
The circus is born

2-The early years
« The father of the circus »
The circus finds its name
The circus theatres

3- The circus in Britain in the nineteenth century
Horse acts
Ground acts
Aerial acts
Animal acts
Ringmasters and others
The american invasion

4- The circus in America
The beginnings
The first circus
Early circuses
A performance
Mud shows
Menageries and animal acts
Competition and combinations
Permaent circus buildings
Railroad shows
Leapers and others
Three-ring circuses
The Greatest Show on Earth
Truck shows
Features of the american circus

5- The golden age of the circus in Europe
The circus spreads across Europe
Acrobats, amateurs and artists

6- The circus in the twentieth century
Proprietors - Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, USSR, North America, Afrika, Australia, the Far East , the Middle East.
Acts - horse acts, ground acts, aerial acts, animal acts, clowns, little circuses,
The future

Résumé :
This is a monumental history of that universally trancing, international phenomenon-the circus. It is the most complete chronicle of circuses and circus lore ever written in the english language. No reader can fail to be impressed by the scope of its coverage and the vividness of its descriptions. No lover of circus wonders can remain unmoved while reading of the people and performances that illuminated circus life.

The author reveals the origins of circus acts among Greek and Roman acrobats and medieval minstrels, tracing their development through eighteenth-century
fairs where they were combined with displays of horse riding in a circular ring to form a new style of presentation. He then follows the evolution of circuses during the nineteenth century, showing how novel acts and exhibitions of animal training were introduced to produce the circus we know today.

Mr. Speaight demonstrates the special way in which the circus grew in the United States, where three-ring circuses were transported over vast distances by railroad; and he describes the Golden Age of the circus in Europe, when circus riders ranked with ballet stars in popular esteem. Finally, he provides an up-to-the-minute account of circuses in the world today.

The author's account is based on many years of research in unpublished manuscripts and museum collections, and he reverses some long.held errors of previous writers on the subject. His book contains exhaustive notes and an appendix, listing circus buildings in London, New york and paris, which brings together information never before printed, giving the book great value as a permanent work of reference. [editor summary]

Remerciement au donateur : Jesse Dryden

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 791.309 S7411h 1980

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