The Routledge circus studies reader


Auteurs : Tait, Peta (Direction) ; Lavers, Katie (Direction)

Lieu de publication : New York

Éditeur : Routledge

Date de publication : 2016

ISBN : 9781138915435

Langue : Anglais

Description : 626 p. : ill. n & b ; 23 cm.

Notes : Ref. bibliogr. after articles
Selected bibliogr. : p. 572-610.

Sujets :
Arts du cirque - Philosophie et théorie
Histoire des arts du cirque
Représentation du corps circassien
Nouveau cirque
Cirque contemporain
Cirque traditionnel
Esthétique des arts du cirque
Arts du cirque - Mouvements artistiques
Art clownesque - Philosophie et théorie
Musique de cirque
Études sur le genre
Archaos [compagnie de cirque]
Femmes artistes de cirque
Théorie queer et arts du cirque
Homosexualité et arts du cirque
Artiste de cirque - Australie - Biographies
Histoire des Sideshow
The Jim Rose Circus [compagnie de cirque]
Histoire des arts du cirque - Chine
Histoire des arts du cirque - États-Unis
Histoire des arts du cirque - Mexique
Histoire des arts du cirque - Angleterre
Cirque du Soleil [compagnie de cirque]
Cirque social
Circus Oz [compagnie de cirque]
Arts du cirque - Finlande
Montreal Working Group on Cirque/Circus [organisme de cirque]

Dépouillement du document :
INTRODUCTION : Circus Perspectives, Precedents and Presents / Peta Tait and Katie Lavers

1. Aesthetics / Helen Stoddart
2. Staging of Actions: Heroes, Antiheroes and Animal Actors / Paul Bouissac
3. An Epic of New Circus / Martine Maleval
4. The Man in the Red Coat: Management in the Circus / Ron Beadle and David Könyöt

5. Clowns and Clown Play / Louise Peacock
6. Diminutive Catastrophe: Clown’s Play / Maggi Phillips

7. Circus Music: The Eye of the Ear / Kim Baston
8. Art and Androgyny: The Aerialist / Naomi Ritter
9. When the Future was Now: Archaos Within a Theatre Tradition / Roberta Mock

10. Respectable Female Nudity / Janet M. Davis
11. A Queer Circus: Amok in New York / MARK SUSSMAN

12. Celebrated at First, Then Implied and Finally Denied: The Erosion of Aboriginal Identity in Circus, 1851-1960 / Mark St-Leon

13. Freaks of Culture: Institutions, Publics, and the Subjects of Ethnographic Knowledge / Rachel Adams
14. The Jim Rose Circus Side Show: Representing the Postmodern Body in Pain / Carrie Sandahl

15. Sensational Imbalance: The Child Acrobat and the Mid-Victorians / Brenda Assael

16. Ecstasy and Visceral Flesh in Motion / Peta Tait
17. Marginal Body and bourgeois cosmology: the British Acrobat in reference to sport / Yoram S. Carmeli

18. The Circus and Nature in Late Georgian England / Marius Kwint
19. The American Circus / Don B. Wilmeth
20. P.T. Barnum: the Legend and the Man / H. Saxon
21. A Brief Overview of the Mexican-American Circus in the Southwest / Nicolás Kanellos
22. The Circus and Modernity: A Commitment to ‘the Newer and ‘the Newest’ / Gillian Arrighi

23. Bending the Body for China: the Uses of Acrobatics in Sino-US diplomacy During the Cold War / Tracy Zhang
24. When Pigs Could Fly and Bears Could Dance / Miriam Neirick
25. A Contemporary History of Circus Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina: the post–dictatorial resurgence and revaluation of circus as a popular art / Julieta Infantino

26. To Reach The Clouds: My High-Wire Walk Between the Twin Towers / Phillippe Petit
27. Extract from Thus Spoke Zarathustra / Friedrich Nietzsche, translated by R. J. Hollingdale

28. Why Circuses Are Unsuited to Elephants / Lori Alward
29. View from the Big Top: Why Elephants Belong in North America Circuses / Dennis Schmitt

30. Female Circus Performers and Art: the Shift to Creative Authorship and its Implications / Magali Sizorn
31. The Resilient Body in Social Circus: Father Jesus Silva, Boris Cyrulnik and Peter A. Levine / Katie Lavers
32. Risk, Danger and Other Paradoxes in Circus and Circus Oz Parody / Peta Tait
33. The Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas: An American Strip-tease / Louis Patrick Leroux
34. Contemporary Circus: Introduction to the Art Form / Tomi Purovaara
35. Contemporary Circus Research in Quebec: Building and Negotiating an Emerging Interdisciplinary Field / Louis Patrick Leroux

Résumé :
The Routledge Circus Studies Reader offers an absorbing critical introduction to this diverse and emerging field. It brings together the work of over 30 scholars in this discipline, including Janet Davis, Helen Stoddart and Peta Tait, to highlight and address the field’s key historical, critical and theoretical issues. It is organised into three accessible sections, Perspectives, Precedents and Presents, which approach historical aspects, current issues, and the future of circus performance.

The chapters, grouped together into 13 theme-based sub-sections, provide a clear entry point into the field and emphasise the diversity of approaches available to students and scholars of circus studies. Classic accounts of performance, including pieces by Philippe Petit and Friedrich Nietzsche, are included alongside more recent scholarship in the field.

Edited by two scholars whose work is strongly connected to the dynamic world of performance, The Routledge Circus Studies Reader is an essential teaching and study resource for the emerging discipline of circus studies. It also provides a stimulating introduction to the field for lovers of circus. [editor summary]

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 791.301 T135r 2016

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