Popular theatre : a sourcebook


Auteurs : Schechter, Joel (Direction)

Lieu de publication : New York

Éditeur : Routledge

Collection : (Worlds of performance)

Date de publication : 2002

ISBN : 0-415-25830-8

Langue : Anglais

Description : 279 p. ; ill. ; 24,5 cm.

Notes : Comprend un index et une bibliogr. : p. 269-271.

Sujets :
Théâtre populaire
Arts de la marionnette
Histoire du cirque
Masque (théâtre)
Commedia dell'arte
Art clownesque
Théâtre - Aspect social

Dépouillement du document :
1.What is popular theater? :
The scenography of popular entertainment / Brooks McNamara
The golden age of the boulevard / Marvin Carlson

2. Puppets fram Bread and Puppet Theater to Bunraku and Broadway
Bread and Puppets / Peter Schumann
The radicality of the puppet theater / Peter Schumann
On Bunraku / Roalndd Barthes
Wayang and Ludruk : polarities in Java / Barbara Hatley
Julie Taymor, from Jacques Lecoq to The lion King, an interview / Richard Schechner

3. Masks, commedia dell'arte and topeng :
Commedia and the actor / Carlo Mazzone-Clementi et Jane Hill
The Dell'Arte players of the Blue Lake, California / Misha Berson
Théâtre du Soleil, the golden age, first draft / Christopher D.Kirkland
Wordless speech / Dario Fo
Paying with the past, visitation and illusion in the mask theater of Bali / John Emigh

4. Circus, clowns and jesters :
Circus and the actor / Hovey Burgess
Pitu's doubt, entrée clown self-fashioning in the circus tradition / Kenneth Little
Hajari Bhand of Rajasthan, a joker in the deck / John Emigh et Ulrike Emigh
Clown politics, report on the International Clown-Theatre Congress / Fred Siegel
Part circus, part sideshow, aprt bulerque, thoroughly grotesque / Hovey Burgess

5. Cabaret, vaudeville and the Fun Palace
The origins of the cabaret artistique / John Houchin - A visit to the Cabaret Dada / Alexis - Karl Valentin and Bertolt Brecht / Denis Calandra - From Vilna to vaudeville, Minikes and Among the Indians (1895) / Mark Slobin - A laboratory of fun / Joan Littlewood

6. Political theatre as popular entertainment :
The AgitPrp and circus plays of Vladimir Mayakovsky / Frantisek Deak
El teatro Campesino, an interview with Luis Valdez / Beth Bagby
Dario Fo explains, an interview / Luigi Ballerini et Giuseppe Risso
Theatre as a weapon, an interview with Utpal Dutt / A.J. Gunawardana
Ridiculing racism in South Africa / Ron Jenkins
Political theatre as popular entertainment, the San Francisco Mime Troupe / Theodore Shank
Legislative theatre / Augusto Boal.

Résumé :
Bertolt Brecht turned to cabaret; Ariane Mnouchkine went to the circus; Joan Littlewood wanted to open a palace of fun. These were a few of the directors who turned to popular theatre forms in the last century, and this sourcebook accounts for their attraction.
Popular theatre forms introduced in this sourcebook include cabaret, circus, puppetry, vaudeville, Indian jatra, political satire, and physical comedy. These entertainments are highly visual, itinerant, and readily understood by audiences. Popular Theatre: A Sourcebook follows them around the world, from the bunraku puppetry of Japan to the masked topeng theatre of Bali to South African political satire, the San Francisco Mime Troupe's comic melodramas, and a 'Fun Palace' proposed for London.
The book features essays from the archives of The Drama Review and other research. Contributions by Roland Barthes, Hovey Burgess, Marvin Carlson, John Emigh, Dario Fo, Ron Jenkins, Joan Littlewood, Brooks McNamara, Richard Schechner, and others, offer some of the most important, informative, and lively writing available on popular theatre. Introducing both Western and non-Western popular theatre practices, the sourcebook provides access to theatrical forms which have delighted audiences and attracted stage artists around the world. [editor summary]

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