The art of collectivity : social circus and the cultural politics of a post-neoliberal vision


Auteurs : Spiegel, Jennifer Beth (Direction) ; Choukroun, Benjamin Ortiz (Direction)

Lieu de publication : Montréal

Éditeur : McGill-Queen's University Press

Date de publication : 2019

ISBN : 9780773557352

Langue : Anglais

Description : 320 p. ; 24 cm

Notes : Bibliogr. : p. 271-299. Index.

Dépouillement du document :
1. Creative collectivity : an introduction / Jennifer Beth Spiegel

2. The art of transdisciplinary community-based research : a rhizomatic approach / Katherine M. Boydell, Jennifer Beth Spiegel, and Annalee Yassi

3. Cultural policy and the Buen Vivir debate : politics of transition and the development of Circo Social Ecuador / Jennifer Beth Spiegel, Benjamin Ortiz Choukroun, Arturo Campaña, and Annalee Yassi

4. Pedagogy of Circo Social Ecuador : launching the ball / Benjamin Ortiz Choukroun and Lynn Fels

5. Through their own bodies, eyes, and voices : social circus, social inquiry, and the politics of facilitating “collectivity” / Judith Marcuse, Lynn Fels, Katherine M. Boydell, and Jennifer Beth Spiegel

6. The impact of Circo Social Ecuador and other community arts on health : a longitudinal comparative quantitative analysis / Annalee Yassi and Arturo Campaña

7. Creativity in precarious conditions : embodied social transformation in a changing socio-political landscape / Jennifer Beth Spiegel

8 Epilogue / Jennifer Beth Spiegel and Benjamin Ortiz Choukroun


Résumé :
Amidst epidemics of youth alienation and cultural polarization, community-based artistic practices are sprouting up around the world as antidotes to policies of austerity and social exclusion. Rejecting the radical individualism of the neoliberal era, many artistic projects promote collectivity and togetherness in navigating challenges and constructing shared futures.

The Art of Collectivity is about how one such creative social program deployed this approach in service of a post-neoliberal vision. Focusing on a national social circus initiative launched by a newly elected Ecuadorean government to help actualize its “citizens' revolution,” the book explores the intersection between global cultural politics, participatory arts, collective health, and social transformation. The authors include scholars and practitioners of community arts, humanities, social sciences, and health sciences from the Global North and Global South. Sensitive to hierarchical binaries such as research/practice, north/south, and art/science, they work together to provide a multifaceted analysis of the way cultural politics shape policy, pedagogy, and aesthetic sensibilities, as well as their socio-cultural and health-related effects.

The largest study of social circus to date, combining detailed quantitative, qualitative, and arts-based research, The Art of Collectivity is a timely contribution to the study of cultural policies, critical pedagogies, collective art-making, and community development. [editor summary]

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

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