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Seriously foolish and foolishly serious : the art and practice of clowning in children’s rehabilitation

Auteurs : Gray, Julia (Auteur) ; Donnelly, Helen (Auteur) ; Gibson, Barbara E. (Auteur)

Éditeur : Journal of Medical Humanities n°[2019], p.1–17

Date de publication : 2019

Langue : Anglais

Résumé :
This paper interrogates and reclaims clown practices in children’s rehabilitation as ‘foolish.’ Attempts to legitimize and ‘take seriously’ clown practices in the health sciences frame the work of clowns as secondary to the ‘real’ work of medical professionals and diminish the ways clowns support emotional vulnerability and bravery with a willingness to fail and be ridiculous as fundamental to their work. Narrow conceptualizations of clown practices in hospitals as only happy and funny overlook the ways clowns also routinely engage with sadness, despair, discomfort and many other ways of being and doing. Our exploration of clown practices as foolish exposes the ways children’s rehabilitation upholds particular neoliberal models of success and invites a re-centring of rehabilitation and health care research and practice towards relationship building, supporting meaningful projects and a continued nurturing of aesthetic and pleasurable ways of being-in-the-world in the present moment as valuable unto themselves. [editor summary]

Localisation : Traitement documentaire B

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