Histories of leisure


Auteurs : Koshar, Rudy (Auteur)

Lieu de publication : Oxford ; New Yorkhugue

Éditeur : Berg

Date de publication : 2002

ISBN : 1-85973-525-8

Langue : Anglais

Description : ix, 365 p. ; 24 cm

Notes : Comprend un index.

Sujets :
Loisirs - Aspect social - Europe - Histoire - 19e siècle
Loisirs - Aspect social - Europe - Histoire - 20e siècle
Consommation (Économie politique) - Europe - Histoire
Europe - Moeurs et coutumes
Arts du cirque - Angleterre
Histoire des arts du cirque - 18e siècle
Histoire des arts du cirque - 19e siècle
Astley, Philip [écuyer, propriétaire de cirque]
Hugues, Charles
Ducrow, Andrew

Dépouillement du document :
Part 1 : Seeing
1. Seeing Traveling and Consuming An Introduction
2. Museums: Leisure between State and Distinction
3. The Circus and Nature in Late Georgian England
4. Flaneurs in Paris and Berlin
Crowd Control: Boxing Spectatorship and Social Order in Weimar Germany

Part 2 : Traveling
6. Travels with Baedeker The Guidebook and the Middle Classes in Victorian and Edwardian England
7. Bicycling, Classc and the Politics of Leisure in Belle Epoque France
8. Every German visitor has a volkisch obligation he must fulfill : Nationalist Tourism in the Austrian Empire, 1880-1918
9. La Vieille France as Object of Bourgeois Desire : The Touring Club de France and the French Regions, 1890-1918
10. The Michelin Red Guides Social Differentiation in EarlyTwentiethCentury French Tourism
11. Germans at the Wheel : Cars and Leisure Travel in Interwar Germany

Part 3 :Consuming
12. Confessional Drinking : Catholic Workingmens Clubs and Alcohol Consumption in Wilhelmine Germany
13. As I walked along the Bois de Boulogne : Subversive Performances and Masculine Pleasures in FindeSiecle London
14. Jewish Taste? Jews and the Aesthetics of Everyday Life in Paris and Berlin, 1920-1942
15. Leisure, Politics, and the Consumption of Tobacco in Britain since the Nineteenth Century
16. Hollywood Glamour and Mass Consumption in Postwar Italy

Résumé :
In the wake of the American and French revolutions, European culture saw the evolution of a new 'leisure regime' never previously enjoyed. Now we speak of modern leisure societies, but the history of leisure, its experiences and expectations, its scope and variability, still remains largely a matter of conjecture. One message that has emerged from a multiplicity of disciplines is that research on leisure and consumption opens up a hitherto untapped mine of information on the broader issuesof politics, society, culture and economics. How have leisure regimes in Europe evolved since the eighteenth century? Why has leisure culture crystallized around particular practices, sites and objects? Above all, what sorts of connections and meanings have been inscribed in leisure practices, and how might these be compared across time and space? This book is the first to provide an historical overview of modern leisure in a wide range of manifestations: travel, entertainment, sports, fashion, 'taste' and much more. [editor summary]

Collection : Bibliothèque de l'École nationale de cirque

Localisation : Bibliothèque

Cote : 306.481 2 K862h 2002

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