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Arte circense na escola: possibilidade de um enfoque curricular interdisciplinar

Auteurs : Costa, Ana Carolina Pontes (Auteur) ; Tiaen, Marcos Sergio (Auteur) ; Sambugari, Márcia Regina do Nascimento (Auteur)

Éditeur : Olhar de Professor vol.11 n°1, p.197-217

Date de publication : 2008

Langue : Portugais

Notes : Bibliogr. : p. 215-217

Sujets :
Arts du cirque
Interdisciplinarité dans les arts du spectacle
Enseignement des arts du cirque
Écoles de cirque - Brésil

Résumé :
The present article is about to the interdisciplinary role of the circus in the school, analyzed in a sociological perspective when we questioning the present social realities in this context. We accomplished this study in the project called The interdisciplinary role of the circus in the educational work when some inquiries emerged from the traditional curricular model that still passes by the teachers’ pedagogic practice in the reality in the beginning of the Elementary School context. Although the circus is not contemplated as a programmatic content in the schools’ curriculum, this text dialogues with several studies accomplished in the international and also in the Brazilian context, pointing out the interdisciplinary characteristic of the circus in the teacher’s didactic work not only of physical education. This text contextualizes the circus and the interdisciplinary process in Brazil, as well as, analyses such issues from that accomplished project. The analyses pointed out a double movement: From one side, the possibility of inserting the circus techniques in the school universe by an interdisciplinary perspective. And on the other side, the existence of a great number of barriers to develop a pedagogic work ruled in the interdisciplinary process, due to the gap of knowledge of the people involved in the educational process concerning to the interdisciplinary process and also for the difficulty for changing the educational habitus in order to break the disciplinary process. Looking for a pedagogic performance in a ludic and interdisciplinary dimension means to open boundaries to make the classroom a place where the atmosphere of authoritarianism is changed by the free expression of the interdisciplinary attitude, thus as an inter-relation and coexistence place. [editor summary]

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